What are the main benefits of using Salesloop?

What are the main benefits of using Salesloop?

Salesloop is a powerful automation tool that has been designed to run seamlessly alongside your LinkedIn account. 

We already know what a great resource LinkedIn is, full of potential contact and customers. 

Yet the LinkedIn website is designed to keep you on the platform as much as possible. They do this by making most of their interactions and features manual. Great for them, not so much for those of us with limited time. 

Salesloop is here to give you your precious time back. It reduces hours of manual work into just a few minutes. Through the power of a LinkedIn search, Salesloop can automate your Connection Requests and follow up with connections without you having to anything else. Just set and forget. 

Head over to our blog about what makes a great LinkedIn automation platform for more insight. 

Amazing features incoming…

The Salesloop team are busy behind the scenes working on some amazing new features. Upcoming product updates include email and Twitter omnichannel sequencing to allow you to take your personalised outreach to the next level.


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