How to personalise a CSV or Linkedin URL campaign

How to personalise a CSV or Linkedin URL campaign

Personalisation is an important part of LinkedIn outreach. Salesloop has personalisation features built in to allow you to connect on a more personal level with your targets.

If you’re using a CSV campaign, here is how to ensure your connection requests are personalised. If you select a CSV campaign and upload the LinkedIn profile and company name, then you can personalise with both by doing the following:

1. Select CSV campaign:

2. Upload a CSV file with both company and Linkedin profile and then select the profile link column. This will then ensure that message is sent to those profiles. 

Next specify any variables you want – any column in the CSV can become a variable: so in this example below we’re selecting first name by checking the box at the top:

3. Then you can click Next, until you get to the message section and then when creating the message, you can click Insert to select the variables to include. This will post unique variables for each message specific to the person you are sending to.

It’s a similar process for creating Linkedin campaigns with URL – except the only variable you can select for these campaigns is First Name.

Hope that answers your question!


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