4 Linkedin Sales Hurdles and How to Tackle Them With Automation

You have 8 hours in a day to make a difference, your competitor has 164. How? They have hundreds of employees, thousands in ad budgets, and millions in revenue. It’s almost like David v Goliath. You can either lose your sanity trying to beat your foes at their own game or play smart with LinkedIn automation.

In this blog, we’ve shared 4 hurdles you can overcome with a robust Linkedin Automation tool – without losing your time, money, and hairline 

The SEO Hurdle

Producing great content no one sees is like having a new Mercedes with no wheels. Ads can get you somewhere, but once your budget dries up, so does the traffic.

The winning strategy in this racket is to generate quality backlinks to your website consistently. This means getting your content in front of your industry’s professionals and thought leaders.

Although this strategy can be successful, it takes too long to implement and is often overlooked by the sales team for this reason.

Fix – SEO, as you know is no quick-win scheme but automation can speed it up. With Salesloop, you can automate your link-building campaign in minutes

Check out this guide where we’ve shared two tried and tested methods to get your content in front of the right people. You’ll also find some of the latest SEO tools to track your progress as you go… you are welcome.

The Time and Budget Hurdle

If you plan to propel out of the stratosphere, you need to outpace your competitors. Competitors with a better-qualified workforce and larger headcount – not to mention the deep marketing budgets.

For your sales team, it can feel like running a marathon uphill. Adding more workload on their shoulders—commonly done to meet aggressive goals—is likely to burn out and frustrate your employees.

Fix – Instead of hiring new employees and paying thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits, go with automation. It’s ten times cheaper.

Secondly, using a robust LinkedIn automation tool can save each employee at least two hours per day. That’s around 40 hours per week for each person to find, nurture and convert more leads for you.

The Event Hurdle

It’s widely believed that you need a major keynote speaker or thousands of sign-ups to make your event successful. We’d argue that the success of your webinar depends upon one thing alone: the quality of sign-ups that convert to demo requests and new business.

The challenge is, how do you get hyper-targeted individuals to sign up for your event? Especially in this day and age where webinars are happening around every corner and it’s hard to rise above the noise?

Fix: FL3XX, an aviation software company, faced a similar problem when they approached us. Learn how we got 122 attendees to attend their virtual event. This materialized into 19 demo requests for FL3XX – a conversion rate of 16%. 

The Team Hurdle

Finding great people you can rely on in an ideal world is easy. In reality, it’s time-consuming and challenging, especially when other companies offer competitive salaries and benefits.

These days businesses rely on LinkedIn job promotion packages to find their ideal candidates but there are several cons to taking this route. One, you’re spending around $400 a month, and second, you only get a handful of half-decent candidates- that’s a no-no.

Fix: Cast a wider net with automation tools like Salesloop. It costs $49 per month– and that’s just a fraction of what Linkedin charges to promote your job posting.

We recently hacked a job post through automation, receiving 227 apply clicks plus over 1000 views in less than three weeks. In total, we saved $531. Learn how you can do the same.

Next Steps

If you’re thinking about getting in bed with linked automation, there are a lot of companies out there promising a lot of things.

Here at Saleslopp, we like to keep things transparent. This is why we’ve written a strictly-neutral, G2-backed guide comparing the pros and cons of some of the most popular automation tools on the market.

Go through it to make a smart and informed decision for your company and keep your hairline!


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