LinkedIn Account Types: Free vs Premium vs Sales Navigator – Choosing the Right Plan

LinkedIn Account Types: Free vs Premium vs Sales Navigator – Choosing the Right Plan

The choice of nine LinkedIn account options can be rather confusing.

“Should I consider LinkedIn Premium for myself? Or would it be more beneficial to opt for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for my team’s sales efforts?”

Are these among the numerous questions on your mind?

While a free account can handle most tasks, if you aim to expand your business, it would be advisable to invest in a paid account type that aligns with your goals.

So, here are the nine LinkedIn account options, along with their respective LinkedIn premium pricing:

  • Free LinkedIn Account (basic)
  • LinkedIn Premium Career – $29.99/month
  • LinkedIn Premium Business – $59.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core – $99.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced – $149.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus – Custom pricing
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite – $170/month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter – $835/month
  • LinkedIn Learnings – $19.99/month

Now that you are aware of the pricing for LinkedIn Premium, it’s time to explore their different features, differences, and practical applications.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the various types of LinkedIn accounts.

Free LinkedIn Account

Starting with a free LinkedIn account is a fantastic way for beginners. While it doesn’t cost anything, there may be some restrictions.

A basic account allows you to expand your connections, engage with professionals in your field, and reconnect with former colleagues and classmates.

Free vs. Paid LinkedIn Account

Here are a few restrictions that come with using a free LinkedIn account:

  • It is not possible to send messages to individuals you are not connected with.
  • You may not always be able to identify those who have viewed your profile.
  • There are limitation on your searches.
  • A free LinkedIn account is not ideal for recruiters and business owners using LinkedIn for hiring because it has limited search and outreach capabilities.

LinkedIn Premium Account Options

LinkedIn Premium is a commonly used phrase. However, it encompasses various types of LinkedIn accounts.

So, which type of account is the best choice? It all depends on your main goal.

For instance, if you’re a sales professional aiming to generate leads and target specific prospects, you might consider using Sales Navigator Core or Advanced. Similarly, if your goal is to expand your business by recruiting new talent, then LinkedIn Recruiter could be the right option for you.

But how much does LinkedIn Premium cost, you may wonder?

The cost varies depending on the specific account type and its features.

In the upcoming sections, we will compare the use cases, pricing, and differences of each LinkedIn account type.

Are you ready?

Get hired quickly: LinkedIn Premium Career – $29.99/month

For just $29.99 a month, a LinkedIn Premium Career subscription can help you secure a job opportunity more quickly.

This account is ideal for those who want to make a strong impression on potential employers and expand their professional network by connecting with individuals who share similar interests.

According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, individuals with a LinkedIn Premium Career subscription have a 2x higher chance of getting hired compared to those without it.

linkedin premium cost

With a LinkedIn Premium Career account, you receive a range of features that are not available with a free account. Here’s what included in the LinkedIn Premium Career

  • View profile viewers from the last 365 days

linkedin premium price

  • Get unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning and enhance your skills to make a strong impression.
  • Receive 5 InMail credits every month and utilize them to connect with recruiters or employers who are actively hiring.
  • Get Applicant Insights to gain insight into how you compare to other job applicants.

The best aspect? LinkedIn Premium Career is the most affordable out of all the membership options on LinkedIn, and it is priced at $29.99 per month, with a month-long free trial.

Generate Leads as Sales Professionals: LinkedIn Premium Business – $59.99/month

LinkedIn Premium Business is perfect for sales professionals and entrepreneurs looking to engage with top-notch prospects or partners on LinkedIn.

Were you aware that InMail is nearly three times more effective than emails or cold calls? By having a LinkedIn Premium Business account, you have the ability to send InMails to your ideal clients or partners and grab their attention instantly.

Here’s what you get with a LinkedIn Premium Business account:

  • Everything that’s included with a LinkedIn Premium Career account.
  • 15 InMail credits every month which are great for contacting potential clients or partners who you aren’t already connected with.
  • Unlimited browsing to help you find prospects more quickly.
  • Access to Key Business Insights like competitor analysis, industry news, and company analytics.

The price for LinkedIn Premium Business is $59.99 per month, making it a more cost-effective option compared to Sales Navigator. Nevertheless, certain companies may consider the limited number of InMails provided each month to be restrictive.

Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile expense for those in need of advanced search capabilities and business insights, which are not available with Premium Career or Basic LinkedIn accounts.

Sales Teams and Business Owners Looking to Scale Social Selling: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core – $99.99/month

There is no better way to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn than using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is the ideal tool for sales representatives to discover potential customers, make connections, and cultivate strong relationships from the start.

The service is also perfect for small business owners who have a tight budget but still want to have access to top-notch LinkedIn sales features.

Sales Navigator Core provides a range of tools to enhance social selling and increase the quality of leads. Here what’s included:

  • 50 InMail credits every month, ideal for sales teams sending outreach messages.
  • Advanced filters and a Sales Spotlight to to attract your perfect clients on LinkedIn.
  • Save lead information to keep record of leads you’re engaging with or targeting.
  • Set up alerts and notifications to stay informed about lead activities on LinkedIn, such as job changes and ads.
  • Receive weekly suggestions based on your past searches.

The main downside to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is the missing feature of being able to export leads into a CSV file.

Upgraded Option of Sales navigator for Sales Teams: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced – $149.99/month

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced, as the name suggests, is an enhanced edition of the Core account with added sales features for teams and entrepreneurs.

With a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced account, you get:

  • Everything that’s included in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core besides Job seeker and LinkedIn Learning subscriptions.
  • LinkedIn Teamlink which is designed to identify potential warm introductions with prospects on LinkedIn, such as recognizing prospects who are directly connected to your team members (first-degree connections).
  • Smartlinks which are used for a more advanced outreach effort, helping to monitor prospect engagements through its auto-generated sales presentations.
  • Access to advanced reporting to gain valuable sales insights.

One cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a lacking CRM integration. If you don’t need CRM integration, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced account might be a better option for enhancing collaboration and improving your outreach efforts, keeping in mind those don’t require a CRM sync.

Large Enterprises: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus – Custom Pricing

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus is designed specifically for enterprise sales teams in mind and is considered the top social selling tool offered by LinkedIn.