The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Search: 7 Hacks to Find Prospects

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Search: 7 Hacks to Find Prospects

Numerous effective methods exist for identifying high-quality potential clients on LinkedIn.

However, it appears that these days, everyone is employing identical outreach strategies on the platform.

If you’ve ever had a salesperson reach out to you claiming to have found your profile in a LinkedIn group, only to immediately try to sell you something, then you understand what I’m referring to.

Let me clarify. Utilizing LinkedIn groups to discover potential leads is an effective strategy for generating leads.

We have experimented with this approach and have had a moderate to high success rate in finding leads. However, nowadays people are quick to recognize a sales pitch.

If you are looking for fresh techniques to find your best potential customers on LinkedIn, you are in the right spot.

We will discuss lesser-known strategies that are not utilized to their full potential. It is likely that your competitors are not using them either, and you can employ these tactics to find highly qualified leads.

Here are some lesser-known strategies for finding people on LinkedIn:

  1. Explore “People also viewed”
  2. Check your competitors’ networks
  3. Endorsements for specific skills
  4. Check who commented on relevant content
  5. Look at user interactions
  6. Set up a search alert using Sales Navigator
  7. Company-specific hashtags

Are you ready? Let’s dive straight in!

1. Explore “People also viewed”

Starting with this useful trick, you can easily discover potential prospects and leads by simply clicking on the majority of profiles. Yet, it is commonly overlooked by most individuals.

Visit any LinkedIn profile and look at the ‘People also viewed’ section on the right side. Expand the list of potential prospects by clicking on ‘Show more’. This is an extremely uncomplicated LinkedIn tactic, but it’s a great way to start if you are unfamiliar with your prospects.

You can utilize this method to uncover leads, potential clients, business proprietors, freelancers, and more. So, even if you are searching for a specific SaaS solution for growth hacking, all you need to do is click on a person’s profile. Then, LinkedIn will automatically generate a list of relevant prospects on the right side of their profile.

It would be best if the person whose profile you are viewing closely matches your ideal candidate, so that your search results will show the exact individuals you are seeking!

Please note that some users have enabled the ‘People also viewed’ privacy option in their settings. While not all profiles will have this section, you can still check as it will only take less than a minute.

2. Check your competitors’ networks

Do you have a keen eye on what your competitors are up to? Knowing your competitors can present several chances for growth and success.

For instance, by examining their advertising approach, you can identify areas they overlook and incorporate them into your own strategy. By filling these gaps, you can meet the needs of your customers.

Furthermore, studying your competitors can lead to discovering new prospects and opportunities. Here’s how you can explore your competitors’ connections and identify high-quality leads to engage with:

Set Your Profile to Private Mode

Before diving into your rivals’ networks, make sure not to leave any trace behind. Your goal is to avoid appearing in their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section and tipping them off that you were snooping around.

To achieve this, adjust your Profile Viewing Options: Simply click on your profile picture at the top right and navigate to “Settings & Privacy”. Look for the “Visibility” tab on the left and then select “Profile Viewing Options”.

You will see screen that looks like the following: