5 Content Marketing Agency Pain Points – and How to Solve Them

Content marketing is one of the most important channels in any company’s marketing strategy. In a world full of great (and not so great) content, how do content marketing agencies stand out from the crowd to make their clients, and themselves, heard?

With LinkedIn closing in on 700 million members worldwide and  90 million senior-level influencers. Its significance for B2B content marketing can’t be ignored. 

Content marketing agencies can reap huge benefits from LinkedIn outreach, but often underutilise the platform or don’t have the time and resources to implement it properly. We’ve looked at some of the major pain points for content marketing agencies and how Salesloop can take the sting out of them. 

1. Amplifying your content

You spend time researching and creating amazing content for your clients. All that work is for nothing if the right people don’t set eyes on it. Sharing or publishing on a LinkedIn account is great, but won’t necessarily get you the traction you’re looking for. 

Using your client’s buyer personas, you can precisely focus the campaign on the target market and send them meaningful, timely content. Using LinkedIn and Salesloop, you can segment your target audience by job title, industry or even location, create and launch your outreach campaign and drive targeted traffic to your content.

2. Finding collaborators

The internet is filled with thin content, which has little substance or impact on its audience. Finding collaborators and experts is a great way to add authority and depth to your content. They can add anything from a good soundbite, right the way through to an in-depth interview for your channels. 

Good collaborators expand your audience by helping you to promote content to their networks too. 

Reaching out to potential collaborators outside of your network can be a very time-intensive process. By focussing your targets and automating your outreach, you can achieve reach out to the right people, quickly.

3. Conducting meaningful market research

Surveys are perfect for providing valuable insight to your audience. By solving a problem or answering a question that they have, you will spark their interest. That’s why one of the most popular blog posts on the Salesloop blog is ‘How We Hacked A LinkedIn Blog Post To Save $531 dollars and get 227 applications in 1 month!’

Using third party research or statistics is common, but what if you want to position your client as a thought leader? Then commissioning your own market research can lend authority and leadership to your client’s campaigns. Who knows, maybe people will be quoting your research in their next blog. 

Conducting meaningful surveys means collecting as many responses as possible from the right people. One option is to outsource this to a third-party agency, but this can be costly and most clients won’t have the budget for it. Alternatively, you can push the survey out to LinkedIn, your social media channels and hope it gains traction with your network. 

Using Salesloop, you can automate the entire process of reaching beyond your existing LinkedIn network and collect responses that are going to add credibility to any statistics you produce.

4. Attracting attendees to events

The events industry has undergone a huge change over the last twelve months, thanks to the pandemic. While some companies managed to pivot relatively quickly to a virtual model, others weren’t so agile. Events and webinars, whether in person or online are a huge part of generating new customers for businesses in all sectors. But the success of any event is ultimately based on follow-up and eventual acquisition of new customers. 

That’s why getting the right people to your events is crucial. If you don’t get your target audience, the decision-makers, then the ROI on your event will be terrible. 

We’ve worked with companies before to super-charge their event sign-ups. Check out our blog post about the work we did with FL3XX when they wanted to fill their event targeted prospects. Spoiler, they smashed it and converted 16% of attendees into demo requests! All thanks to the targeted automation they ran through Salesloop. It freed up their sales and marketing teams to focus on other things. 

5. Filling your own sales pipeline

You’d be amazed at how many content marketing agencies don’t market themselves very well. That’s not because they don’t practice what they preach, but usually, because they are so focused on producing fantastic work for their clients, they often don’t have the resources to focus on their own campaigns. Being busy is great and finding new clients through referrals or word of mouth is ideal, but if there’s ever an unexpected downturn such as, oh, a global health pandemic, it can be really difficult to ramp up your marketing activity from scratch to find new clients. Using Salesloop to target your ideal customer niche is a low cost, low resource way to bring potential clients into your own content marketing funnel. After all, you’re doing great work, so shout about it. 

Salesloop is the perfect choice for content marketing agencies who want to add a new dimension to the content promotion services they provide. We are passionate about helping businesses to grow through LinkedIn automation. You can gather contact information and share relevant content, all on autopilot, without sacrificing personalisation. Take a look at our blog about Attracting Leads on Auto-Pilot and automating responses to website visitors easily with our Leadfeeder Integration
We also offer a 14-day free trial so you can see for yourself how easy it is to take your content marketing to a whole new audience.


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