Announcing an exciting new integration partnership:

Salesloop & Leadfeeder combine for advanced sales automation!

Salesloop started life as a “best-in-class” Linkedin automation tool that allowed users to create cloud based automation sequences across both Linkedin & email. The main benefit was to remove hours of manual work that our customers were investing when sending connection requests & follow up messages to their target audience. 

While we recognised that Linkedin provides huge amounts of customer intent data, we also realised there were additional intent data providers that many of our customers were using as well. 

That’s why, together with Leadfeeder, we’ve now developed an integration that helps leverage intent data (such as the company data provided by Leadfeeder) and combines this with the job title of your ideal customer. For more details on how to set it up, check out our detailed knowledge base article here.

How to set it up:

1. Review Leadfeeder data:

Your Leadfeeder data is incredibly valuable, showing the companies that have visited your website. 

Additionally, within the Leadfeeder dashboard you can create Custom Feeds, segmenting those companies based on size / revenue or CRM status. 

When you’ve reviewed your Leadfeeder data and either created a Custom Feed or want to connect your main feed with all the companies, then you’re ready to start your outreach to them. 

Normally this would involve manually looking for your ideal contact on Linkedin – usually by doing a search that includes the company, location and job title – to find the ideal contact to connect with.

That’s where Salesloop comes in..

2. Connect Leadfeeder & Salesloop:

By connecting Leadfeeder & Salesloop you are allowing Leadfeeder to share the company and location data with Salesloop. 

The benefit of this is that Salesloop as a cloud based Linkedin automation tool, can automatically execute a search for your ideal customer on Linkedin. 

All you need is your Leadfeeder account, Leadfeeder API key and the ideal job title for the person you’d usually search for on Linkedin. Additionally, you can add in a custom feed & country to further segment your results.

Once you have added that data (and connected your Linkedin account), Salesloop can run that search for you.


3. Review your ideal customer profiles

Once connected you can run a search. This will then show a preview of between 25-50 potential Linkedin profiles that you would uncover, allowing you to ensure those are your ideal targets.

Keep in mind, when you set this search up for the first time, it reviews the past 30 days of your Leadfeeder history for company data. 

Once this campaign is set up and running, this will automatically load new company data that is provided every day by Leadfeeder. That means you won't need to create this search again, each day Salesloop will get the company data and find the Linkedin profiles based on the job title you provide. 

4. Automate your Outreach

So once Salesloop has found your ideal customer profiles to target on Linkedin, there's only one thing left to do. Send them a Connection Request and Follow Up message and start engaging with them.

As these automated sequences are based on intent data, you're now engaging with those customer profiles that are likely more ready to start discussions. 

Ready to get set up?


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