Linkedin automation for recruiters: 3 ways to bolster your hiring

…and swoop in on the next stalwart of your organization.

In the new world order post-Covid, hiring is undergoing unforeseen improvisation. In this blog post we talk about one such innovation. We get you – recruiters- up to speed about the benefits of Linkedin automation for recruiters and 3 ways in which you can speed up and better your existing hiring strategy.

As a recruiter, you’d already be familiar with the challenges of finding and hiring from the dizzying array of talent on Linkedin. Now that a major chunk of hiring has moved online, now only do you have to compete with other businesses for the top talent, but you also have to scale that process. 

With about 260 million people actively using Linkedin, you are at least ensured that you are pursuing candidates who are serious about their profession when going on a hiring spree. Linkedin’s userbase is growing at 2+ users every second. Moreover, 30+ million companies are present on Linkedin. These company pages serve you profiles of the past and current employees thus enabling you to pursue them and build relationships. The best part is that you can lure sleeping talent (the passive candidates) with your lucrative job offer by swooping into their inboxes. No spam filters!

With over 40% of it’s 660 million members using the platform every day, you’re more likely to find the right hire there. 

The only problem with finding job candidates on LinkedIn is that the searching for, filtering, and engaging the candidates on this network is a time-consuming process. At least that was the case before LinkedIn automation came along. 

As Naval said in his “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)” tweet storm, (well worth checking out if you haven’t read it already)

An army of robots is freely available – it’s just packed in data centers for heat and space efficiency. Use it.

The infographic below can help you make a business case for Linkedin automation for a recruiter.

Linkedin automation for recruiters-stats
Source: Linkedin

The advent of automation makes processes more efficient by eliminating redundant tasks. Recruiting via LinkedIn isn’t hard at all. Unlike other platforms, you can easily get into the inboxes of the candidate. Using the right LinkedIn automation tools for recruitment, you make your hiring processes faster, more efficient, and scalable. 

Here are 3 ways by which LinkedIn messaging tools, lead generation tools and Linkedin automation can speed your hiring efforts.

Linkedin automation makes the search for job candidates more effective 

Using traditional methods, finding the right candidates for a job can be a tedious task. There is lots of manual searching involved in finding the right candidates. For every potentially good hire on LinkedIn, there are many others who are the exact opposite. 

Every candidate profile needs to be examined thoroughly before they make it to the next stage in the hiring process. Using  traditional methods, filtering candidates fast enough hinders you from meeting your hiring needs.

And that’s where LinkedIn automation is so crucial.

Using a tool (like Salesloop), you can automate this filtration process with criteria like geographic location, industry, or even job title. By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly create a manageable candidates list that deserves your full attention.

Your recruiters can personalize outreach messages using Linkedin automation

35% of your recipients open up messages based on the subject line alone. 

This means that customized messages can make a difference of up to 35% in your  Linkedin recruitment outreach efforts. Messages that are tailored for each job candidate do perform better, but they need a lot of time when you do it manually. 

Regardless of how they are designed (as a Linkedin lead generation tool or a mass messaging tool), Linkedin automation tools that are designed for hiring, encompass bulk messaging features. Most tools are designed with Linkedin spam guidelines in mind.

When you use an automation tool for your LinkedIn outreach messages, you’ll be able to provide faster customized messages without wasting too much time on the process. For eg, Salesloop, helps you create followup messages to automate and eradicate the pain of manually following up with candidates. 

All you have to do is create different outreach messages, set the criteria, and the tool will make sure the right candidate gets the right messages. 

Keep in mind that you can automate both outreach messages and replies. Candidates who reply are automatically unenrolled from the message sequence, so you won’t even have to do that manually either.

Automate multiple-segmented campaigns

Whether it’s emails or LinkedIn, segmented campaigns tend to perform really well. The only downside is that they require a lot of work to do right. And that’s why you should use a LinkedIn automation tool, to eliminate as many redundant tasks from the process of creating and running segmented campaigns as possible. 

Instead of wasting your team’s time on trivial tasks, you will allow your team to focus on things that’ll make a real difference in the campaign’s performance. Best part? You can automate multiple-segmented campaigns at the same time. 

The result is a candidate flow that’s generated on autopilot, and a recruitment team that can focus on interviews. It’s the dream scenario!


Implementing Linkedin automation for HRs and recruiters is at the budding stage. Several powerful technologies have changed the recruitment landscape. Using the right LinkedIn automation tools for hiring, helps you streamline your candidates, by bettering, filtration and engagement processes. Stats are encouraging and many business leaders suggest adopting automation technology for their recruitment teams to eliminate mundane, repetitive work and focus more on creative and important tasks.

You’ll also be able to give job candidates a better experience with your company, which is essential for that important first impression. 


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