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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that regularly come up...
  • For our solo plan, you can connect one Linkedin account.
  • For our Team plan, you can connect up to 6 Linkedin accounts 😮, yep 6!
  • For our managed service accounts, contact us to discuss below 😉 

Both! We work equally well for normal Linkedin search & Sales Navigator search. All you have to do is complete a search as you normally would on Linkedin, then copy the resulting website url (yep, in the chrome browser). Select that entire text and add it in to our search bar in the Create Campaign section of Salesloop. Click preview results and you should see them start to load. 

No need to wait, you can click Next while the profiles load in the background.

We would recommend using Sales Navigator if possible, because you get way more filtering options – which in turn means you can better segment and personalise to prospects.  

There is normally a 5-10 min delay once you’ve clicked publish on a new campaign. Give it at least 10 mins and you should see at least 30 Linkedin accounts loaded and those messages will start to send within 24 hours.

Yep, that’s intentional! We set up our Linkedin automation tool to add the next batch of profiles to your automation queue each day. This removes the requirement to request a huge number of Linkedin profile data all at once, which keeps your account safer.

Yes, if you start the campaign, you will be able to pause the campaign at any time. 

Yep, Salesloop allows you to review your campaign, identify all individual targets and remove any that you do not want to receive messages.

Video Tutorials

For the visual learners amongst you 🙂
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Build Linkedin Lead Lists (with default Linkedin Search)
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Build Linkedin Lead Lists (with Sales Navigator Search)
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Connecting your Salesloop and Linkedin Account
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Create Salesloop Outreach Campaign

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