Want it done for you?

We book meetings for you by combining your ideal customer persona info with intent data triggers (like job posts, funding announcements, Linkedin post activity) that indicate customer are more likely to buy.

We then target those most relevant prospects, with personalised emails that convert better.

"Salesloop has helped my team to automate the mundane task of targeting and connecting with certain sectors with a view of building up our network to educate and further support any commercial requirements as and when they occur"
Armand Roux
Sales Director, Grenke Factoring

Identify your ideal targets

We work to understand your business and the target persona’s that you want to reach. If you’re interested to test out new verticals or customers segments, we can use Linkedin to build custom lead lists based on a variety of filters. 

Build a custom strategy

Investigate the best approach to engaging your ideal targets. Do we craft an outbound sequence or incorporate intent data to trigger outreach? Each campaign is tailored to the needs of our client.

Execute on the campaigns

This is where we launch. But its not time to sit back. We attract luke-warm leads in and book meetings. Coax cold prospects to convert.

Starting from

Typical Monthly Plan:

Messages sent
usd per month

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Learn from our Experience

We've worked across multiple campaigns & industries so we know what works

Create Targeted Lead Lists

We identify your ideal prospects by selecting the job titles, industries, locations, company sizes amongst a variety of criteria available on Linkedin

Messaging that converts

We work with you to craft considered, non-salesy messaging that opens doors & adds value for your ideal prospects

Meetings booked for you

Once we collaborate to identify the ideal targets & messaging, then we can launch your campaigns. On average, you'll receive 10-50 meetings in your diary for every 1000 messages delivered

Test Customer Segments

Interested in understanding which new segments of customers are worth investing in? We help our customers test new industry targets & countries that they should invest more effort into.

Incredible Value

Our pricing starts at $2000 USD for up to 800 to 1000 messages managed per month. Looking for fully outsourced SDR's or better execution based on intent data, then lets talk!

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