AI Prompts for Sellers: Prompts for Sales Emails, LinkedIn and more

AI tools like ChatGPT are widely available, but understanding their applications can be daunting.

How can ChatGPT support sales efforts, and what are the most effective AI prompts for sales?

Consider AI tools as virtual sales assistants. They can engage in conversations, generate ideas, and assist in various tasks.

From researching prospects to drafting sales emails and conducting sales simulations, machine learning can streamline your workload.

This post presents some of the best AI prompts for sales to help you save time and improve productivity. Take advantage of these tools to simplify your processes and let technology handle the heavy lifting.

Why should sellers use AI tools like ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is not the only AI tool available, but it is the one that initiated the AI boom. (And it’s free!)

So, what exactly is ChatGPT, who created it, and why should you incorporate it into your sales routine?

ChatGPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, was pioneered by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company. This chatbot enables you to input a text prompt and receive a smartly generated response.

For sales purposes, ChatGPT can be utilized in various ways. Here are some of our favourite methods:

  • Simplify your sales procedures by automating time-consuming tasks, such as creating sales email templates and scripting cold calls. This will enable you to focus on more important tasks like developing relationships and closing deals.
  • Enhance your communication skills with the help of an AI assistant. It can assist you in creating personalized, engaging, and relevant content that will impress your prospects and clients.
  • Cut down on repetitive tasks by using AI tools like ChatGPT to handle data entry and report generation, freeing up your time for more valuable activites.
  • Use data-driven insights provided by ChatGPT to analyze large datasets and make informed decisions for your sales strategies.

Boost your productivity with 50+ ChatGPT sales prompts

Achieving success with AI depends on using the appropriate cues. Without asking the right questions, you won’t receive the desired responses.

We have compiled a list of more than 50 prompts to assist you in getting started. These can be utilized with ChatGPT or any other AI tool of your choice.

However, it’s important to note that AI generators like ChatGPT have their limitations.

They might create content that is not relevant or repetitive, lack human sensitivity, have difficulty understanding complex ideas, and give long-winded answers.

Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise your judgment and infuse your personal touch and style into the output as necessary.

The knowledge base of ChatGPT is only updated up to a certain date. For instance, the last update for ChatGPT 3.5, the publicly accessible version, extended up to January 2022.

As a result, it may not have information on events or topics occurring after that date. Consequently, it may not be able to address queries requiring current knowledge or access to present-day information on the Internet.

Furthermore, be mindful of potential privacy and data security issues that may arise when using ChatGPT. Avoid entering any highly sensitive information like financial data, trade secrets, or other content that could pose a risk to you or your company.

It is advisable to either anonymize the information or use placeholders to protect sensitive content.

Another piece of advice is to keep experimenting with different prompts while using ChatGPT. If you are not satisfied with the results, try varying your input or adjusting the prompt to see if it yields better outcomes.

Experiment with expanding or reframing the prompt, and if the generated content is not what you expected, try modifying your prompt and analyzing the new output.

12 ChatGPT prompts for sales discovery and research

Summarize industry trends in the e-commerce sector and how they impact small to medium-sized businesses.

Provide a competitive analysis of the top three CRM solutions for small businesses, focusing on their features, pricing, and target audience.

Identify the key challenges and opportunities in the mobile app development market for the next two years.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our main competitor in the digital marketing space, and suggest potential areas to capitalize on.

Outline the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of the target market for eco-friendly home cleaning products.

Conduct a competitive analysis of [your biggest competitor]. Identify their main strengths and weaknesses. Provide an analyze their overall strategies inducing pricing, main differentiators, and customer feedback.

Analyze the state of the cybersecurity industry, highlighting threats to their business models. What implications does this have for businesses in the financial sector?

Provide a comprehensive overview of the target market for customer service software solutions, considering the technological readiness, perceived needs, and potential concerns of the market.

Explore the impact of remote work trends on the demand for cloud-based productivity tools. Identify which features or services are most valuable to businesses navigating a hybrid work environment.

Investigate the role of sustainability in the manufacturing industry. What are businesses doing to improve their environmental footprint, and how is this affecting their choice of suppliers and partners?

Summarize this article for me with the most pertinent information. [Add text copied from an article, LinkedIn Post, or blog your prospect wrote]

Summarize and pull out the key points from this transcript. [Upload a video transcript from a call or recorded webinar]

6 AI prompts for sales prospecting or cold emails

Craft an attention-grabbing prospecting email for a salesperson targeting small business owners who need a CRM solution.

Write an engaging introductory email for a digital marketing agency reaching out to e-commerce businesses for the first time.

Create a persuasive introductory email for a salesperson targeting startups in need of project management software.

Compose an intriguing cold email for a data analytics service provider reaching out to medium-sized businesses in the healthcare sector.

Devise an engaging prospecting email for a salesperson reaching out to restaurants and cafes, promoting a new POS system.

Write a compelling cold email for an IT consultancy firm introducing their services to financial institutions.

6 ChatGPT prompts for follow-up emails

Generate a friendly follow-up email for a salesperson who had an initial phone call with a potential client interested in website design services.

Create a follow-up email for a software sales rep to remind a prospect about a product demo they attended last week.

Write a thoughtful follow-up email for a salesperson who provided a custom software solution presentation to a potential client.

Generate a follow-up email for a salesperson who had a video conference with a prospect interested in logistics services.

Create a follow-up email for a B2B sales rep reminding a prospect about the white paper they shared regarding the latest trends in their industry.

Craft a follow-up email for an HR solution salesperson after a potential client attended a webinar about their platform.

6 prompts for closing sales emails

Compose a persuasive closing email for an insurance salesperson offering a limited-time discount on a policy to a prospect who’s been evaluating options.

Draft a compelling email for a salesperson looking to close a deal on a SaaS subscription, emphasizing the value and benefits the prospect will gain.

Compose a compelling closing email for a salesperson offering a limited-time upgrade to a premium service for a prospect in the trial period.

Draft a persuasive email for a salesperson seeking to finalize a deal on an enterprise-level cybersecurity package, focusing on the critical need and ROI.

Write a strong closing email for a salesperson offering a bundled package of digital marketing services to a prospect who’s shown interest.

Create a closing email for a salesperson attempting to seal a deal on an HR software solution, highlighting the time and cost savings the prospect company will realize.

4 prompts for subject lines

Why not utilize AI to help generate email subject line suggestions in addition to assisting with your email copy?

Use your email content as a foundation and have AI create different options for the most effective subject lines to pair with it.

Consider A/B testing a few variations to determine which one yields the highest conversion rate.

Here are some AI subject line prompts that you can experiment with on your own:

Based on the email copy above, come up with ten compelling alternative email subject lines 40 characters in length that will capture the recipient’s attention. Have at least five of the subject lines personalized to the recipient, [your recipient’s name].

Based on the content of the email, generate five creative subject lines that instantly communicate the core offering of our product. Then, create another five subject lines that use personalization and the recipient’s industry to make the email stand out in [your recipient’s name] inbox.

Considering the content of the email above, devise ten high-impact subject lines that would intrigue the recipient and encourage them to open the email. Ensure at least half of these subject lines are personalized and address the specific needs or challenges of [your recipient’s name].

Given the details of the email above, craft ten persuasive subject lines that capture the essence of our proposition. Five of these should be tailored specifically to [your recipient’s name] and their company’s potential pain points or aspirations.

7 AI prompts for Content Creation and LinkedIn

By using AI generators, you can easily create top-notch content, which helps in saving time and resources without compromising creativity, cleverness, or flair.

However, it is crucial to review and edit the content to ensure accuracy and align it with your unique voice. This way, you can sustain a strong online presence while handling more urgent matters.

Write a blog post on the top five benefits of using project management software for remote teams.

Craft a series of social media posts highlighting the success stories of our clients who have used our services to grow their businesses.

Create a LinkedIn article discussing the future of artificial intelligence in customer service and how businesses can leverage it for success.

Develop an infographic that compares the features and benefits of our product to those of our competitors.

Write a case study showcasing how our software helped clients increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Compose a listicle detailing ten practical tips for small business owners to optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Generate a series of engaging tweets sharing industry news, expert insights, and tips related to our niche.

3 prompts for sales video scripts

Generate a 60-second sales script asking if [prospect’s name and job title] is struggling with [problem]. Include an anecdote about [relevant detail about your prospect].

Write a 30-second sales script as a follow-up to a meeting with [prospect] from [prospect’s company]. Let them know I’m attaching [resource name], where they can read more about [product name].

Compose a 3-min sales script to walk [prospect name] through the sales proposal I’ve attached to the email. Summarize the following [copy and paste proposal information]. End the video script by reminding them of our meeting on [date and time].

5 prompts for cold calling scripts and sales pitches

Develop a sales pitch for a time-tracking software targeting small businesses struggling with employee productivity and time management issues.

Create a sales pitch for a commercial real estate agent helping a growing startup find the perfect office space that suits their expansion needs and budget constraints.

Craft a sales pitch for a managed IT services provider targeting companies experiencing frequent downtime and cyber security issues.

Write a sales pitch for a marketing consultant offering solutions to small businesses struggling with low online visibility and poor search engine rankings.

Compose a sales pitch for a gym membership aimed at busy professionals seeking convenient and flexible workout options to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

9 prompts for sales roleplay

Engaging in sales role-playing is an effective method for sales professionals to enhance their pitching skills. Utilizing ChatGPT can assist in generating innovative approaches for conducting sales role-play scenarios.

By practicing with these prompts, you can sharpen your pitching abilities and effectively handle objections in sales interactions.

Act as a prospect who is hesitant about the cost of our software solution. Let’s discuss the value and benefits it offers.

Pretend you are a lead who doesn’t see the immediate value of our product. I’ll address your concerns and demonstrate their importance.

Roleplay as a potential client interested in more information about our services before committing. I’ll provide the necessary details to help you make a decision.

Play the part of a prospect concerned about data security and privacy in our cloud-based application. I’ll explain how we ensure the safety of your data.

Imagine you’re a client considering switching from a competitor’s product to ours. I’ll highlight the advantages of making the switch.

Act as a current customer, and let me upsell you to a higher-tier subscription plan by explaining the additional benefits you’ll receive.

Pretend you’re a prospect seeking a better price or extra features before signing a contract. I’ll negotiate with you to find a mutually beneficial agreement.

Act as a CFO of [company size] in this [industry]. Our company offers [add these types of products or solutions], help me put together the right pitch and messaging for you.

I sell a product that [add what your product does]. Here’s our value prop: [add your value prop]. And here are the people I sell into: [add personas]. Here’s the sub-industry: [add industry info]. I’ve got a call with [add person/role]. What do you think will go wrong with this call?


Q: What are AI prompts for sales?

A: AI prompts for sales are generated text prompts created by using generative AI technology to assist sellers in crafting effective emails, LinkedIn posts, and other communication materials.

Q: How can generative AI help sales teams?

A: Generative AI can help sales teams by providing them with pre-written prompts that work well in different scenarios, saving time and effort in crafting personalized messages for prospects.

Q: What are the best practices for using AI prompts in sales?

A: The best practices for using AI prompts in sales include tailoring prompts to fit buyer personas, refining the prompts based on specific use cases, and maintaining concise and accurate responses.

Q: How can AI prompts help you close more deals?

A: AI prompts can help you close more deals by providing you with prompts tailored to lead generation, cold outreach, and presenting your value proposition effectively to prospects.

Q: How can AI-powered prompts be integrated into the sales process?

A: AI-powered prompts can be integrated into the sales process by using them to write effective AI prompts for common sales tasks, such as crafting outreach emails, connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, and summarizing conversations in sales meetings.

Q: What is prompt engineering in the context of using AI prompts for sales?

A: Prompt engineering refers to the process of refining and customizing AI prompts to suit specific sales objectives, target audiences, and desired outcomes, ensuring that the prompts are tailored to meet the needs of the sales team.

Q: How does ChatGPT’s AI technology help in generating prompts for sellers?

A: ChatGPT’s AI technology can be used to generate prompts for sellers by providing built-in templates and database access for crafting prompts, enabling sellers to get exactly what they need to engage with prospects effectively.


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